WordPress on a new subdomain

Thanks to the nice people at Hostmonster tech support (Christopher), without moving any of my files, I now have a new web address for the WordPress install, that is http://blog.murky.org/

What gave me a little confusion, soon overcome, was that even though my registrar is now hover, hostmonster can still manage the domain, that is because hover points at the old nameservers, which are hostmonster’s. So, why the move? It’s about separating out different roles – not having everything in one spot. If I ever want to break links with hostmonster, I can do this entirely from within hover by resetting the domain nameserver.

Anyhow, to create http://blog.murky.org/ I had to do was go to the subdomain management tools (which is on the top menu of hostmonster, not an icon on the main cpanel page) and make a subdomain which I directed to the directory containing WordPress.

As I type, this is also where www.murky.org is directed, I did it with an overlap so that mid-change I could still access the WordPress admin pages under one naming scheme or the other.

Creating the subdomain using the management tools also created the appropriate A name records too. I shouldn’t have needed tech support really in hindsight, but messing with domains is one of those things that you do very rarely, and so each time you do it, it is as new. If I had to do this task again tomorrow, no problem…. but in a year? I hope the above text will be enough!

I wanted to fix old links – and that was done with a WordPress plugin called ‘search regex’ – a quick search in post content for links to my old domain, and replacing with the new… job done. I also went into WordPress settings to change the URL there.

The next step is to cause www.murky.org to go to a different host – that is a job for another day – and it’s a slightly different task, so it’s back to square one.

If I was starting from scratch, would I do it this way? Hell no, I’d have the subdomains all with the registrar.

Tidying Domains

So, the plan is this:

  1. Move all my domains to a new registrar, get them all in one place. That place is hover.
  2. Create a new squarespace account.
  3. Point www.murky.org at squarespace, and point blog.murky.org at WordPress. This will break some existing links, but that’s a price I’m willing to pay.
  4. I don’t know whether to nuke the blog given that it’s rather neglected.

The first step of moving to hover is underway.

I first had to go to the existing registrar and ensure that the domain was unlocked and the admin email was set to something that I could access. I then entered the domain details into hover and then the process is underway. I also had to enter a code that I got from the admin pages from my existing registrar.

Hostmonster (one of my old registrars) sent me an email with a confirm or abort request. By confirming the change could happen straight away – so kudos to them. I was going to move the blog away from hostmonster, but I’m strongly considering leaving it there purely to that little bit of niceness. Without this there is a five day waiting period – I’m still waiting for this to elapse for the ‘Easily’ registrar (there may be a way to speed this up too, but it’s not obvious).

All of the Doctors as of August 2013

The Twelfth Doctor – Peter Capaldi

It’s hard to believe that it has been only a short while since the twelfth doctor was announced, and even though we have yet to see him on screen, Peter Capaldi feels like ‘The Current Doctor’ now, with Matt Smith biding his time until the change – how nice it would be if the casting could be a secret until the regeneration.

What did I want from the twelfth doctor? I wanted an older doctor – with Tennant/Smith the pendulum had swung too far in the ‘young’ direction. Yes, Smith was great at playing the "old man in a young man’s body", but that wasn’t a game to keep playing. I also wanted there to be a step away from the ‘romance in a box’ that the new series keeps reverting to – and I’m pleased to see that with Capaldi.

I’m not going to get into the arguments of ‘should the Doctor be female/black/ginger…?’ As regards the twelfth, the die is cast. What do I want to see with the twelfth incarnation?

First and foremost, I want a solid, full season of ‘Who’, I want Capaldi to have time to ‘bed in’. Then I want another series after that, and after that… and so on. These split seasons are just ghastly for, what is by any stretch, the flagship production of the BBC and the show with the greatest international recognition. I want Capaldi to have a decent run, with the split seasons it does feel like Smith has only just arrived and is leaving about a season too early. I want a generation to be able to look to Capaldi and say ‘he was my Doctor’.

I want Capaldi to meet River, just the once, I want to see that dynamic (though I still don’t understand how eleven suddenly went from gallavanting with River to mourning her loss, with no obvious on screen event to mark the divide).

I want to see any Moffat loose ends tidied up, and I’d like to see an acknowledgement that the production team are thinking ahead to, what under classic lore, is the doctors final regeneration (or death, if John Hurt counts as a regeneration) – after all, there can only be thirteen Doctors. I can think of several ways to address this, either with a throwaway line (‘Now the time lords are gone, I don’t think there is a limit…’) or something large (Resurrecting Gallifrey, somehow resetting the clock). I’d hate to see them just ignore the issue, or leave it so late that the hand was forced.

I hate to say it, but I think it could well be time for a new show-runner. We owe a lot to Moffat, not least is that under his tenure the show has really grown on the international market (a road started upon by RTD). The first and second seasons of Matt Smith’s doctor was fantastic (though the crack thing was a bit odd). The ‘split season 7′, though it had great bits within it, fell a bit flat. With Capaldi bedded into the role, I want to see a show-runner who can devote himself to the job, it seems that Moffat’s time is divided between several roles (not least of which is ‘Sherlock’).

Mostly, I want Capaldi to be one of the great doctors, to be the modern day Tom Baker.

Six Nations 2013 – Week 5

The big game of the weekend was Wales vs England in Cardiff. This would decide the championship.

A win from England would secure the Grand Slam, a win from Wales would upset England’s applecart, and a good win from Wales would take England’s applecart, puree it, and use it to season the hog roast of the Millenium stadium.

The game was, unfortunately, the last of these options. The first half was a fairly tight affair, and though Wales pulled ahead 3-9, there wasn’t much in it. A moment or two could have turned the tables – the second half, though, was an entirely different affair. It was a rout, Wales had soaked up any pressure that England had applied, and then came back strong, making several good runs of play as the scoreline built. A penalty from Leigh Halfpenny at about ten minutes in the second half was followed five minutes later by a try when England lost the ball at the breakdown and Alex Cuthbert ran it in for a try in the corner. The next ten minutes saw a couple of missed kicks, and then a drop goal from Dan Biggar saw the score reach 20-3 with 15 minutes on the clock. 17 points with 15 minutes left is a big ask… and the situation was made more dire almost immediately made worse for England when Cuthbert scores again. A conversion saw Wales 27-3 up.

The penalty with ten minutes left was the final nail in the coffin of England’s grand slam hopes.

It was a thoroughly deserved win for Wales.

The other games of the day saw France avoid the wooden spoon by beating Scotland 23-16, and a good show from Italy as they beat Ireland, 23-15. With Ireland and France in 5th and 6th respectively, we’ve a real mixed results table.

Team P W D L F A PTS
1 Wales 5 4 0 1 122 66 8
2 England 5 4 0 1 94 78 8
3 Scotland 5 2 0 3 98 107 4
4 Italy 5 2 0 3 75 111 4
5 Ireland 5 1 1 3 72 81 3
6 France 5 1 1 3 73 91 3
Table Built : 2013, March 17 (Sunday) at 07:03am GMT

(Note: Unsportsmanlike comments will likely be deleted)

Six Nations – Week 4

Following yesterdays games, the six nations are gearing up for a tight finish. Though England is the only team on for a Grand Slam, the championship is not yet won. Wales have a chance of victory, especially with an Italian win vs England today.

Regardless of the result against Italy today, next week is crunch-time.

Should Italy win today, the Grand Slam dream is over, but a win against Wales will see England raise the cup on the 16th. Gloom is over this week, and a win sees happy faces…. however, by the same token, Wales could get it.

Should England win today against Italy, Wales need to beat England by a margin (yet to be determined) in order to raise the trophy. Should they beat England by a lesser margin, the trophy will be English, but the English will no doubt feel disappointed. Should England beat the welsh, it will be a grand slam.

What do I think will happen?

  1. I expect England to have a tough time against Italy, winning the game, but giving a scare in the process
  2. For the Wales game, I expect this to be a real challenge, no surprises there, and can imagine Wales coming out strong, gaining an early lead, and for England to be under the kosh at the start of the game. I’m hoping for an English win, but I fear that Wales may pip them. If life were a storybook, I’d expect a Welsh win in the game, but an English win in the championship – and thus gloomy faces all round!
Team P W D L F A PTS
1 England 3 3 0 0 73 37 6
2 Wales 4 3 0 1 92 63 6
3 Scotland 4 2 0 2 82 84 4
4 Ireland 4 1 1 2 57 59 3
5 Italy 3 1 0 2 42 78 2
6 France 4 0 1 3 50 75 1
Table Built : 2013, March 10 (Sunday) at 07:03am GMT